Summer 2018
Monday-Thursday, July 30 – August 2
Long Beach City College/Liberal Arts Campus

Telling your stories

An evolution in journalism the past few years is the rise of the “storytelling” both as a publication presence and as a corporate job description.

We will embrace the art of storytelling within the newspapers2 curriculum this summer, July 30-Aug. 2, at Long Beach City College/Liberal Arts Campus in all seven sessions we offer.

Writers will develop interviewing skills and “snooping techniques” to find and report on interesting topics and personalities. Editors will examine and be encouraged to cover the tough issues that students and campuses face to affect understanding and change. Designers, though their artistry, will enhance the written word with carefully themed pages to draw readers into the stories. Photographers will capture faces, and feelings—moments with the lens. Both online and broadcast reporters will use their instant social media access to treat those stories with immediacy and accuracy. And advisers will learn how to support those storytelling student journalists and enhance classroom learning to include the latest communication arts.

All of us have stories to tell and every campus contains important stories. At the 2018 newspapers2, students will learn how to find and tell those tales of their time. And rather than discourage smartphone usage, we encourage it—for notetaking, for fact-checking, for instant messaging about whatʼs going on at 2018 newspapers2 and for photography. It is our goal that each student and adviser be an advocate of convergent journalism—the ability to do it all—as you tell your story.

Telling our story

Since 2000, newspapers2 has been the lone print, social media and digital high school learning workshop in Southern California. Each summer, 100 or more student journalists and their advisers have joined to learn new skills or improve on those they already have.

As an idea conceived by the late Jolene Combs and the still-active Konnie Krislock, newspapers2 instructors include award-winning college and high school advisers as well as guest speakers who are tops in their field. Both LBCC Board of Trustee member Vivian Malauulu and new Community College Chancellor Elroy Ortiz Oakley were guest speakers in 2017.

LBCC adviser Pat McKean is now in his third year as a journalistic writing instructor and host of newspapers2 at Long Beach City College/Liberal Arts Campus, our home for the past two years. USCʼs Amara Aguilar, one of the first Latinas in the digital design field, began the newspapers2 InDesign training program now led by Gary Metzker and Chris Viola. Both of the social media instructors—MaryAnne Shults and Karyn Bower—approached newspapers2 directors with ideas for their innovative sessions. Photography teacher Jessica Young was once mentored by Jolene and Konnie, and is an award-winning high school adviser whose energy allows her to traipse her photojournalists on daring shooting discoveries during the four days. The steady hand of Michelle Saremi, a champion of student publication rights in Ventura County, leads editors into their challenging role as campus opinion leaders. Adviser sessions, which include mixing with students the first days, are led by mentor and former Thousand Oaks adviser Jo Zimmerman. Konnieʼs son Zak Krislock is always visible to find locations, mentor sports writers and make sure the workshop runs properly each day.

Join newspapers2 for innovative, current ideas and adventures in coverage in seven separate sessions over four days that will allow staff members of all abilities to learn how to tell a story through journalism.