To register, complete the form (download here; fillable PDF).

Registrations will be accepted until classes are filled. Payment must be received by July 24, 2017. Please check which single work­shop session you wish to attend and complete the form and mail with payment to the address on the form.

Here is the list of the courses that will be offered:

  • Reporting and Writing the News: Skills for Today’s Journalist 
    A fast-paced environment to gather, write and re­port for newspapers, online, yearbook and broad­cast. Learn the latest trends in social media and convergence journalism to complement a complete on-campus publications program.
  • Video/Broadcast Journalism
    Learn the art of interviewing and how to thrive in our visual world by creating powerful and engaging news story videos for television broadcast and the web.
  • Photography
    Complete digital photography experiences include a collaborative project with writers and editors; students must have their own digital camera.
  • EICs Only
    Editors-in-chief practice leadership roles with spe­cial sessions on design, staff motivation, coaching writing, editorial, opinion and column writing; edit the final workshop online/print stories.
  • Multimedia Design and Storytelling 
    Learn skills and explore cutting-edge technology in online reporting including using social media and web-based tools and resources.
  • Re-Design**
    Advanced production designers will modern­ize their current campus editions including story presentation, headline style and graphic ”looks” for centerfolds and feature pages.
  • InDesign
    Novice production designers use InDesign to create projects each day and collaborate with writers and editors on the LBCC first-day survival edition
  • Advisers
    Good-to-go training on classroom curriculum and management, production techniques and press rights law. Textbook, CD and binder included.